Spellbound Plant-Based Candle

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SMELLS LIKE: Violet, Bergamot, Sandalwood

Through magickal incantations we are able to call our will into existence-aligning oneself with cosmic energy, and summoning the supernatural to birth your intentions into physical form.

This fragrance is inspired by the power of the spoken word. It smells like the soft breath of spring violets, infused with the uniquely floral and spicy edge of cold-pressed bergamot and grounded with the subtle earthy notes of sandalwood.

We use a soy blend wax, cotton core wicks, and our scent options are free of phthalates and other synthetic fragrances that are unsafe to inhale. We can guarantee you a clean burn, and with a properly trimmed wick, no black dust.

Our dye-free candles are infused with premium fragrance oils and essential oils for a delicious and luxurious aroma. Soy burns twice as long as paraffin, is healthier to breathe, doesn't create black dust, and the scent throw is much better.

They are purposefully uncolored, eco-friendly, and will burn cleanly from top to bottom - GUARANTEED.

Soy is water soluble too, so when the candle is done, simply wash out the container and reuse it for cotton balls, q-tips, or whatever you desire!

Always trim the wick to 1/4 inch, and keep away from drafts for optimal performance.

Optimal burning tip - For the first burn, you should burn the candle for as many hours as the diameter of the candle. For ours, that would be three hours, but this rule of thumb applies to all candles. It's not mandatory, but will help prevent pooling and uneven burning.

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