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Blemish Banish Acne Treatment

Blemish Banish Acne Treatment

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Organic, skin-calming herbs are infused in organic Witch Hazel and perfectly alchemized with a white willow bark extract to calm red inflamed and irritated skin caused by pimples, acne and bug bites.  

Willow Bark Extract has been used for centuries to soothe irritated skin. Containing salicin—from which salicylic acid is derived—this versatile ingredient is both anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, making this an effective spot treatment; it pulls toxins from pores, stops blemish growth and works to shrink, draw and dry swollen tissue. 

Deeply herbaceous natural scent.

A tiny amount goes a long way!

Use: dab treatment stick on acne, blemishes, bug bites and minor skin irritations as needed up to 3x per day.

Ingredients: organic witch hazel, organic, white willow bark extract, organic hops, organic lavender, organic chamomile, organic calendula

5 mL glass roller ball

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product does not intend to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease. 

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    Alexa Ooley on Jun 15, 2022

    "I absolutely love this moisturizer. It is nice and light and leaves my skin glowing and dewy without it being greasy. It smells heavenly and it’s honestly a treat to use everyday. Obsessed!"


    Jen on Apr 12, 2021

    This is a staple in my facial routine. I love the smell but more importantly the feel on my skin. My face feels balanced in moisture. Not to oil yet hydrating in just the right way. I would highly recommend this one!


    Zia on Apr 12, 2021

    This product has been such a game changer for me. I tend to avoid facial products due to sensitive skin but this facial oil is an absolute dream. It smells delicious, feels so smooth, and absorbs super nicely. My skin always feels so soft and looks more clear and fresh after using it.