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How to Turn A Witch’s Beauty Routine into a Magical Skincare Ritual

If You are a Witch You’ll Love Using These Magickal Tips in Your Skin Care Ritual

Witchcraft has become a mainstay in everything for a healthy home, body and mind to manifesting any fucking thing that you want!  As witches we tend to  sprinkle a little bit of magick on every surface including our bathtub, intimate drawer, office, car and altar, but there is one* more place that you could add the high-vibe benefits of magical ritual to bring more power, confidence and self-love to your daily life.

Your skincare routine!

When I started making herbal skincare products it was purely out of necessity. I kept seeing companies greenwashing product claims to read; “made with organic ingredients”, “all natural”, “plant-based”, only to read the labels or check out their website and find there were preservatives, color additives, only tiny amounts of botanical extracts, and toxic fragrance oils that are known carcinogens, hormone disruptors, and neurotoxins.

So while working to create an occult inspired, herbalist formulated, 100% organic and truly all natural skincare line; I was in the mirror multiple times a day, indulging in luxurious oils, cleansing them away, anointing myself, inhaling the intoxicating scents and really connecting deeply with my body and spirit to create the best products that I possibly could.

After months of testing and trying each formulation over and over again, I realized that I had ritualized my daily routine and I saw an opportunity to infuse this time and space that I was  already carving out for myself everyday to go beyond the practicality of skincare…and use it to deepen my spiritual practice.  Understanding, not only the physics of beauty but also the meta-physical effects of ritualized beauty.  So, I couldn't help but wonder: 

Why am I not giving myself a few moments of magick every single day?

Post-revelation, I began to contemplate how to best bewitch my entire beauty routine. Every exploration led me back to the basics of magick….which, in my opinion, are THE foundation to any effective craft, and yet in our fast-paced instant gratification culture, these foundational pieces are the all-too-often-overlooked and not given enough time to develop and hone into a solid practice:

grounding, cleansing, visualization, affirmation, protection and manifestation.

Below, I will share a  brief history of plant-based beauty rituals.

Why should you add these foundational elements to your skin-care routine?

How to incorporate magick into your daily routine.

If you are in the broom closet, are a busy witch or have a hard time remembering to carve out space for ritual then this practice could be the perfect way for you to incorporate magick into your daily life.

Plant-based Beauty Practices

Herbal Skincare Rituals Made by Dirt Witch

Ritualized beauty practices are not only about transcending the weight of time but also an offering of reverence to those who came before us; an ode to the artistry and craft of cosmetics, as well as, a demonstration in honoring the power of intention, innate wisdom and psychic power.

The practice of glamor magick and weaving the skillful use of precious, rare and nourishing ingredients into beauty rituals dates back to time immemorial. Our ancestors used clay, semi precious stones, seaweed extracts, sacred herbs and many other natural materials to create an array of skincare, beauty and cosmetic products. 

From a physical perspective, precious cold pressed oils, traditional herbal infusions and the alchemy of artisan formulation...offers a deeply therapeutic experience to your skincare ritual.  

 When you use high-quality ingredients refined by nature over billions of years (rather than chemical-ridden, over-processed, over-priced, mass-produced products) you are actually healing your skin and spirit.  

Herbal formulas work functionally to relax the face and body, increase circulation, support detoxification, heal blemishes and wounds, eliminate pain and enhance the penetration of active constituents.

Beyond the physical realm; hand-crafted natural products offer a rare mystical, harmonizing magic that works wonders on your energetic field by fusing our spiritual essence with the essence of the plants. When we commune with the healing vibration of botanical beings we embody the constant conversation between us and the earth, through this we are fully uplifted and supported.

 By fully embracing these  moments of indulgence, self love and careful attention you can experience an influx of confidence, self- adoration and affirmation which can completely change the way that you see yourself, think about yourself and feel about yourself ...this is fundamentally transformational.

How to turn your skin care routine into a ritual, amplify your magick and activate your inner badass.

Black queen applying moisturizer to beautiful skin.

You are twice-daily looking at yourself in the mirror; in these moments you have the opportunity to mindfully cultivate self- care and self love. In meeting yourself with intention every single day, you are attending and affirming your sacredness and your potential. In the morning we set out to create a life worth living and in the evening we wash off the worries of the world. 

Step 1: Feel the connection of your feet planted flatly on the floor. Notice how you are held in this moment.  Allow the energy of the earth to come up through the floor and connect with and fill your body’s energy system.  

Step 2: Apply your facial cleanser. Stay present throughout the process, massage in circular motions, on the cheeks, eyes, third eye, and around the edges of your face.  Visualize any negative thoughts, emotions, fears or self-talk being encapsulated in the soap bubbles or oil molecules.  As you rinse your face, watch them disappear down the drain and away from your mind, body and spirit. You are no longer carrying this burden. You are free from these limiting beliefs.

Step 2: Apply a facial toner or intentional toning mist to damp skin. As you mist your face, visualize your perfect day, outcome or desired goal. Hold this vision in your mind's eye. Imagine how it feels when you accomplish that which you seek,  See it setting into your energy body with each droplet of the mist landing on your skin.  Encapsulate yourself in the reality of this experience.

Step 3: Apply Serums.  With your deepest desire in mind apply your facial serums to skin. Use the dropper or a finger to draw a simple sigil (or symbol) onto your skin.  This symbol is imbued with the energy of your desire and brings your mental energy into the physical plane.  As you spread the serum over your skin and gently pat it into your face, repeat the words;

  • “All of the power that ever was or will be is here now.” 
  • “I am guided, moment by moment, along the path of liberation.
  • “ I draw all things needful, both spiritual and material.
Note( these 3  affirmations are modified from the Pattern on the Trestle-board, to see the full “Truth About The Self,”  please visit: https://bota.org/resources/index.html. Meditate deeply on these Truths, there is great wisdom there.

Step 4: Apply a protective oil or moisturizer. As you massage onto your skin, visualize a barrier of energy that covers you from head to toe. Create a protective shield encapsulating your entire body that will keep you safe from ill-will and negative energy as you move through-out your day. Repeat the words;

  • “I am fully  protected from all negative forces both seen and unseen”
  • “This shield of protection moves with me through all places psychical, mental and spiritual”
  • “I am protected  on all sides,  in all ways, from all things which do not support my highest good”
  • “So mote it be”

Step 5. Take a deep breath. Notice how you feel in your body.  Look into the mirror with a loving gaze and know that you fully deserve all of your heart's desire and you are capable of achieving your greatest endeavor. With the right intention, right action and full dedication you will receive.

Now put on your finishing touches, ritual perfumes, adornment, a gentle smile and go make some fucking magick!

Let me know in the comments how this ritual works for you!  

Featured image (of vanity with moons) found on tumblr, source unknown.

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