Tending the body and the earth….

Dirt Witch is a small independently owned artisan company.  All of the potions and products are designed, formulated and handcrafted, by herbalist-witch and creatrix, Jacqueline McClure. By embodying the highest ethics and standards in; quality of product/service, craftsmanship, environmental stewardship and employment models, Dirt Witch serves as an experiment in blending a manifestation of modern witchcraft, entrepreneurship, land stewardship and personal growth....I am constantly questioning how to do better as a business and as a human.


While these botanically-based products are inspired by practices of folk-herbalism and magickal arts, I meld modern techniques and proven science to amplify effectiveness, improve efficacy and eliminate waste...all the while holding land stewardship at the center. 

Each product is lovingly formulated, witch-crafted, and thoughtfully packaged in small batches at my home apothecary in Eugene, Oregon.

I am under no illusion that running a business takes a toll on the environment.  Even the most eco-conscious brands have an impact. I try to off-set this impact by sourcing as locally as possible and redistributing wealth to other small businesses, environmental organizations and social justice efforts.  

                                                                                                                                                                                      The herbs used in Dirt Witch product are often grown in my own front yard garden, or bio-regionally sourced from the regenerative farmlands of the mighty PNW.

By prioritizing local farmers I believe that our company supports efforts in creating more food and medicine security bolstering bio-diversity in the soil-food web.

While, I am trained in ethical and responsible wild-crafting and sometimes I source my herbs in this manner-I do not think this is sustainable at a scalable size and stewardship always comes first and foremost. I take great caution when harvesting in order to maintain healthy stands for many generations to come. 

Dirt Witch products are packaged with as little plastic as possible. While glass takes more energy to recycle we encourage reusing our bottles and jars before they go into the recycling bin.  Our shipping materials are made from shredded cardboard and packed in recyclable cardboard boxes, these materials may be composted after use.  

Dirt Witch at it's core aspires to activate and affirm your inner power....to conjure and strengthen the inherent life force that exists in each and every one of us. I believe that when we are emboldened and empowered as individuals we have the power to create potent and meaningful magick in this world and together we can work to build resilient communities and create lasting positive change for generations to come.