Mugwort Dream Oil

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A relaxing and restorative body oil, the magick of mugwort is infused in a wildly luxurious organic oil and invites you to chill waaaay out and access your dream space.

Whether you intend to surf the depths of your subconscious or increase relaxation before rest, this sweet and floral oil can be used in the evenings before bed or during personal ceremony, ritual massage and meditation practices.

  • Mugwort- brings deep healing into the body so as to support muscular healing, joint inflammation, tension and pain related to body trauma. This long loved herbs is a must for any witches cabinet and contains antioxidants, boosts circulation and provides anti-inflammatory properties which act as nourishing treats for aging or acne-prone skin and protects skin from dryness.

USE: Pump desired amount into palm of hand, intentionally massage onto clean skin. May be used to anoint third eye before e bed or during magickal practice or meditation. Additionally, add oil to a relaxing bath.

INGREDIENTS: Helianthus annuus (sunflower)*,Ricinus communis(castor oil)*,Artemisia vulgaris (mugwort)^, Hypericum perforated (St. John's Wort)^, A blend of Vetiver* and Patchouli* Essentail Oils for grounding

[*organic][^garden grown or wild-foraged]

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